The Sheetmetal Fabrication Specialists

At Phoenix Metal Form, we can help you and your business with all your sheet metal requirements. We offer a range of sheet metal services, providing you with an easy, high quality, and cost-effective solution for your unique needs.

Our experienced fabricators use only the latest in CNC equipment to produce only the highest of quality products and services from larger steel jobs right through to simple spot welding.

As part of our sheet metal services we offer;

– Turrent Punching – Stamping – Punching – Cropping
– Notching – CNC Bending – Guillotining – Welding
– Coil Blanking & Slitting – Drilling & tapping – Spot Welding

Our team also offers manufacturing solutions in a full range of metals including mild steel, stainless steel or aluminium up to 6000mm in length for perforated sheets and welding.

At Phoenix Metal Form, we also have a wide range of experience in producing sheet metal products including scaffolding plants, took boxes, brackets, feeders, customised perforated metal sheeting and punched sheet metal, tanks, engine covers and waste bins.

The Sheet Metal Fabrication Process

Sheet metal fabrication uses sheet metal to build metal machines, products and structures using a range of different sheet metal materials. At Phoenix Metal Form, we only use the latest CNC equipment to ensure we’re able to manufacture a wide range of high quality sheet metal products.

We offer full sheet metal manufacturing solutions for you and your business using aluminium, stainless steel or mild steel.


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    Using the general sheet metal fabrication process, we create;

    • Metal Trays
    • Cabinets
    • Flashings (Galv & Colorbond)
    • Boxes
    • Brackets
    • Top Hat Sections
    • Perforated Sheets (to your requirements)
    • Shelvings & Storage Systems
    • Metal Scaffold Planking
    • Stair Treads
    • Tanks
    • Tool Boxes
    • Core Trays
    • Waste Bins
    • Boardwalk Frames
    • Industrial Enclosures
    • Louvred Panels
    • Custom Pressings


    • Guillotining
    • CNC Bending
    • Punching
    • Stamping
    • Notching
    • Cropping
    • Coil Blanking
    • Turret Punching
    • Drilling and tapping
    • Welding (MIG & TIG)


    ITEM                               THICKNESS                                   LENGTH – WIDTH

    SHEARLINE                      2.45MM                                       1220MM WIDE

    GUILLOTINE                    10MM                                          3000MM LONG

    GUILLOTINE                    3.0 MM                                        6000MM LONG

    PRESSING                        3.0 MM                                        6000MM LONG


    WELDING                                     STEEL, STAINLESS