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Steel angles are created from a single piece of steel that is bent to the angle required using a and are used in a variety of industries for multiple purposes.

Majority of steel angles are created at 90 degrees with an L-shaped cross section that is used in many structural steel application and the steel angles at Phoenix Metal Forms are no different. All our steel angles are created using the highest quality products to deliver a superior product for our customers.

What are steel angles used for?

Steel angles are used mostly for framing however can be used for trim, reinforcing, brackets and many other uses. We can even customise the angles to your required size making every job an easy one.

Phoenix Metals stocks an extensive range of steel angles to Australian standards and our experienced team will be glad to cut to size for your needs. We even offer a huge range of steel off cuts for that unique job. Contact us today for more information about how we can supply you with the metal required for your project.

How are steel angles formed?

Steel angles are the most basic type of roll-formed steel. They are formed by bending a single angle in a piece of steel.

The most common type of steel angles is a 90-degree angle and has two legs of equal length. Steel angles are used for various purposes in a number of industries. Framing is one of the most common uses for steel angles, but steel angles are also used for brackets, trim, reinforcements, and many other uses.

Purchase from Phoenix Metal, Australia’s most trusted supplier in steel angles, and be assured of a great quality product.


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