Complete Custom Metal Fabrication for your Grape Trellising

Staking is a basic necessity for vineyard businesses to support grapevines through their growth to produce the fruit required.

Metal posts and grape trellis systems are produced by Phoenix Metal Form using high carbon rail steel to ensure strength and durability through even the harshest weather conditions across the country.

We offer complete custom metal fabrication for your stakes depending on your requirements for your grape trellising. A series of punch holes can be added to stakes to allow for tie mounting and can be made to your size, hole configuration and colour – choose from painted or unpainted for your finished stake in lengths of 7’ – 13’.

Phoenix Metalform can provide high strength rail steel angles fabricated to your specifications. Contact us to find out how our grape trellising can add support and strength to your business.

Vineyard Stakes & Grape Trellising Components

At Phoenix we produce high-strength rail steel angles ideal for use as grape vine trellis systems and posts (“grape stakes”). Rail steel grape vine trellis systems are made from high-carbon rail steel for optimum durability, and posts can be fabricated to your specifications.

Maximum Durability & Countless Design Options

In use throughout the country, vineyard stakes and grape trellis systems made from Phoenix steel angles provide unparalleled strength and resistance to even the harshest weather conditions.

Custom Fabrication

Phoenix vertical vineyard stakes are currently manufactured in lengths of 7’-13’. A series of punched holes allows for easy tie mounting, and vineyard stakes can be finished painted or unpainted. We also offer complete custom fabrication, and we would be glad to discuss your size, hole configuration, and color options with you.


For orders or more information, please call (08) 9458 1188 or submit your details and our friendly staff will get back to you as soon as possible.

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